The Crownberry – Whiskey Cocktail

In search of a crisp and cool summer drink, I came across one so refreshing that I had to share. Perfect for a dinner party, brunch, or a hot day; the Crown-berry is a quick and easy mixed drink suitable for any taste. With only three ingredients, this whiskey cocktail took my brunch from ordinary to tasteful.

The first and most important ingredient is Crown Royal Regal Apple Whiskey. Crown Royal whiskey is very sweet and smooth, but the apple flavoring gives it a tart bite. The tart-ness is perfect for mixing to create a lively and dimensional whiskey cocktail for any occasion.

Cranberry juice is the base of the entire drink. This chilled drink uses cranberry juice as its base of taste, but also to curb the intensity of the apple whiskey. The cranberry juice perfectly compliments the apple and adds a summer tone to this whiskey cocktail.

The last ingredient I used is not entirely necessary, but added great taste and a summery vibe. I used pineapple to not only garnish the drink, but also to line the rim of the glass in pineapple juice. The fresh hint of pineapple added a sweet change-up to this sour cocktail—making it perfect for a day drink. For a more night cocktail, try adding accents of apple slices, lemons, or even limes {my favorite} to add flavor and presence to this drink.

The ingredients that I used are pictured below! Feel free to comment or contact me with any additional questions, concerns, or suggestions. Remember to either shake or chill over ice! Enjoy!